Engaged, Proactive Cyber Leadership

To protect the life of your company, its data, as well as that of your clients and outside partners, a comprehensive cybersecurity program is a must. Data breaches not only put at risk the reputation and longevity of your organization, but it also affects those you connect with. A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) aligns a company’s mission with critical security functions, allowing the business to confidently deliver reliable solutions to their current and future clients.

MAAPPEN provides friendly, communicative, and hands-on security leaders who work with companies of all sizes, across many verticals. Our priority is to gain a clear vision of the unique operating parameters within your organization, followed by creating, maintaining, and expanding a formal cybersecurity program leveraging the proper framework that drives security controls and the operational strategy. The result is a consistent and accountable process for reducing the risks associated with people, processes, and data. If you are not familiar with your current framework, you likely have unearthed the first risk.

  • Are you a healthcare organization, service business, or financial data processing company that manages sensitive data and has compliance requirements?
  • Are you a business without compliance requirements, but have a desire to increase client confidence and create new market opportunities?
  • Has a client requested you to provide evidence of your cybersecurity program?
  • Are you a small to mid-sized business without the budget, or immediate need, for a full-time technology security executive?
  • Would you like to educate the executive team on where your current cybersecurity program stands?
  • Are you an enterprise company looking for transformational leadership, board guidance and team mentoring?

From assisting with security strategy, collaboration, and trusted advisory, MAAPPEN’s vCISO provides the security focus your business deserves.

Our Virtual CISO (vCISO) Service

Leverage our executive resources to guide you through digital transformation. Compliance, data privacy, cloud adoption, and gaps in technical skills can become hinderances for stability and growth. We provide certified executive talent to assess, direct, and expand your cybersecurity program. Trust our experts to provide strategies for governing security operations, prioritizing risk, and managing compliance.

MAAPPEN - Regulation and Compliance

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