Get More Value from Your Technology Investments

Technology advances at a fast pace.

Learning about new technologies in the workplace should be simple and provide the knowledge you need to work effectively. Unfortunately, many benefits tend to be drowned out by technical specifications, manuals, and other barriers.

MAAPPEN offers staff training on topics relevant to the modern workplace, including:

  • Microsoft Office 365  Learn the basics of Microsoft Office 365 with training focused on basic applications and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to increase collaboration.
  • Google G-Suite  Unlock the full potential of Google’s cloud-based platform’s sharing and collaboration features to modernize workflows, and introduce efficiencies that lead to growth
  • Security Awareness  Your staff is your first line of defense against malicious actions online. Educate and proactively manage your staff on security best practices and their role in keeping your business secure.

Let’s talk about seizing your training opportunities.