Great Results Require a Great Plan

MAAPPEN has developed a unique service delivery model that combines the flexibility and breadth of experiences required by small businesses with the depth of knowledge and consistent responsiveness demanded by enterprise clients.

Following the Microsoft Solutions Framework methodology when completing IT projects, MAAPPEN utilizes a structured approach based upon pre-defined milestones aimed at preventing the project from veering off course. This framework allows for easier management of a project’s progress while ensuring that costs are kept within budget, and schedules are maintained.

The MAAPPEN Project Approach

Project Requirements Definition
We define the intended outcome of your project, establish its structure, develop pilot plans and testing strategies, identify and minimize the impact of any issues, and address operations management and acceptance criteria.

Design and Architecture Proposals
We create fully-detailed specifications and plans for risk management, documentation and training requirements, work plans, cost estimates, and schedules.

Through the use of pilot systems prior to deployment, we help reduce business disruption risks.

Design Tuning
We test the performance and stability of your IT solution under realistic conditions through the use of pilot testing and client feedback.

We support your business needs throughout the final implementation, ensuring a positive and smooth transition, before obtaining final approval.