After witnessing the effect of the global coronavirus pandemic on business, MAAPPEN established its targeted pro bono services offering, fittingly designated ProBonoIT™, with an ongoing commitment to prioritizing a change in the availability of high-quality, business impacting IT solutions.

Technology has further validated the lead role it can play concerning an organizations ability to understand, adapt, survive, and even thrive, amidst unforeseen industry changes. Unfortunately, many companies without the resources or guidance to leverage such initiatives have been challenged to succeed, and at minimum remain afloat, with much greater difficulty. The defeat of hard-working businesses does not merely touch a fixed group of individuals, it ripples to clients, vendors, suppliers, and beyond.

ProBonoIT™ from MAAPPEN is a far-reaching innovation we hope continues to permeate throughout the IT services community. Together with our partners, we will diligently continue affording technology opportunities in support of those companies in need, across diverse locations, industries, and operating maturity levels.

As a client of our pro bono services, you can expect the same commitment and level of execution as any other venture in which we participate.

Please check back regularly for program additions and enhancements!

  Current Pro Bono Opportunities  

MAAPPEN - ProBonoIT Virtual CIO

Our fully customizable and comprehensive vCIO services will enable you to uncover more value from your entire technology landscape, including more effective end user support.

web design company

Stand above the competition and welcome your clients with a beautifully designed website.

vendor management solutions

Improve operational and cost efficiencies by partnering with MAAPPEN to guide your technology vendor relationships.

Rewarding experiences for the greater community.