Metaverse for Business: An Introduction

The "Metaverse for Business" refers to the creation of 3D environments for businesses. This includes engaging employees for training, recruitment, social gatherings, and interactions with clients, vendors and partners. A metaverse for an enterprise is something that organizations can modify and control to meet their needs. Just as a company personalizes their own website, they also have the power to control their metaverse.The metaverse offers many benefits that workers are open to, according to research. Lenovo reports that 44% of workers are open to working in the metaverse, believing it can offer significant benefits. The COVID-19 pandemic's impact on global [...]

Metaverse for Business: An Introduction2022-05-28T23:17:28-06:00

Reporting is Made Easier by Visualizing Data

Would it help if you wrote a report, but no one found it interesting or did not want to read it? Doubtful! It is therefore imperative to know about useful data visualizations when creating reports.Visualizing data is a powerful tool for qualitative reporting. Visual elements, such as graphics, not only make reports more interesting, but also break up the monotony of long text pages. This makes the data easier to understand and easier to remember. The trick is to get it right.Know the basicsIt is critical to verify the accuracy of your data before creating the graphics for your report; [...]

Reporting is Made Easier by Visualizing Data2022-04-20T18:06:16-06:00

T-Mobile Customers Targeted By New SMiShing Campaign

It has been reported that a new SMiShing campaign is targeting T-Mobile customers. This type of message is like SMiShing campaigns recently targeting Verizon Wireless customers, which thank recipients for paying their bills and include a link to accept a free gift. However, the message is delivered via group text to multiple recipients at random, and has been sent to the targets numerous times over the course of three days. Since the messages were sent via group text, customers could not block them. It is likely that customers were targeted, in part, due to breaches in the past that affected [...]

T-Mobile Customers Targeted By New SMiShing Campaign2022-04-18T01:08:52-06:00

How to Develop a Business Strategy: Ten Questions

Although some organizations have a well-defined business strategy, many others do not. There are a number of reasons why certain small business owners are reluctant to develop a formal operating strategy. These include not being familiar with the process or being concerned the time spent will impede growth. Nevertheless, you may create a business strategy that is as flexible and simple as you desire, provided the ten questions below are addressed.How are you doing now?The first step in developing a strategy for your company is to understand its current situation. Position audits serve as a benchmark against which your performance [...]

How to Develop a Business Strategy: Ten Questions2022-04-02T02:53:59-06:00

The Basics of Document Processing

To realize the benefits of digital transformation, converting manual data into electronic documents is an essential step.The right document-processing solution along with thoughtful, collective planning are essential to accomplish this goal. Document processing involves converting manual forms and analog data into digital files, enabling these to be used as part of day-to-day business processes. A business can digitally recreate a document's original structure, layout, text and images when utilizing a document processing system. Converting documents with identical formats is ideal for document processing; for unrecognizable or inconsistent formats, the process may need to be redirected to human operators for completion. Understanding [...]

The Basics of Document Processing2022-03-22T12:14:47-06:00

RPA in Insurance: Why it Makes Sense

The use of robotic process automation (RPA) - in other words, software bots used for routine keystroke-level tasks - is more common than ever in the insurance industry. Indeed, more than half of all insurers have adopted RPA compared to less than 25% in 2018. With RPA, insurers are transforming the way they do business, from underwriting to policyholder services and claims processing. Insurers are accelerating processes, driving efficiency, and improving customer experiences by automating time-consuming manual tasks.RPA's business case is explored more closely here.How does robotic process automation in insurance work?By using RPA, insurance companies automate repetitive tasks of [...]

RPA in Insurance: Why it Makes Sense2022-03-17T11:21:25-06:00

Cyber Threats Preying on Russia-Ukraine War: Update

Most frequently, cyber threat actors aim to capitalize on high-conflict environments by deploying tailored scams and social engineering schemes.Several malware and phishing campaigns have been recently observed, having the intent to acquire funds, obtain personal or financial information, and spread malicious software. One instance found a malicious campaign from a .SHOP top-level domain which requested support for the people of Ukraine via cryptocurrency donations—it appears similar to the reported authentic requests for cryptocurrency donations from Ukrainian officials on their respective social media pages. The email, however, contains grammatical errors and does not include other indicators of legitimacy. Further, cyber threat actors [...]

Cyber Threats Preying on Russia-Ukraine War: Update2022-03-09T12:40:53-07:00

Russia & Ukraine Cyber Threat Assessment

As the crisis in Ukraine continues to escalate, it is likely that Russia’s aggressive cyber activity will increase and spread beyond their initial Ukrainian government, military, energy, and financial targets. Russia, and those aligned with its efforts, will continue to conduct disruptive and destructive cyberattacks, cyber espionage, and information operations against Ukraine and any governments or groups supporting Ukraine or opposed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Information OperationsIn the buildup to the invasion of Ukraine, Russia launched misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation (MDM) campaigns in an attempt to establish numerous pretexts for its invasion. Recently, the Russian Security Council voted to recognize [...]

Russia & Ukraine Cyber Threat Assessment2022-02-26T03:17:37-07:00

Case Study: RingCentral VoIP & Google Workspace Integration

Founded in 1887, with the far-reaching vision of linking scientific theory, research, and practice, Teachers College, Columbia University has been on the experimental and cutting edge of education for nearly 130 years. With leading faculty members in areas such as student engagement, nutritional requirements of learning, gun violence, cognitive learning, and more, the college has earned its reputation as one of the best graduate schools in the country.Innovation in the DNATeachers College today is extremely innovative,” says Naveed Husain, Chief Information Officer, Teachers College, Columbia University. “For IT to be relevant in this culture, it has to be quick to [...]

Case Study: RingCentral VoIP & Google Workspace Integration2022-02-16T14:23:05-07:00

BlackByte Ransomware: February 2022 Technical Briefing

Ransomware is a type of malicious software, or malware, that prevents a user from accessing computer files, systems, or networks until a ransom is paid for their return. Ransomware incidents can cause costly disruptions to operations and lead to the loss of critical information and data. BlackByte ransomware operates as a service wherein the extortion profit is shared between the Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) owners and their affiliates. The affiliates are the entities that actually execute the computer intrusion and deploy the ransomware. Each affiliate uses its own intrusion method and negotiates the terms of the ransom demands with [...]

BlackByte Ransomware: February 2022 Technical Briefing2022-02-15T13:11:23-07:00
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