At MAAPPEN, the word ‘impossible’ isn’t part of our vocabulary. There is no such thing as a challenge that cannot be overcome.

We believe in ingenuity and hard work, which is exactly how we approach the needs of our clients. With nearly twenty years of experience at our disposal, we provide clients with concise technology services, allowing you to spend more time doing what matters most – running your business.

Our range of solutions can be tailored to meet the precise needs of your organization. Whether you’re looking to increase cybersecurity adherence, manage new or existing technology changes, establish a strategic technology direction, or add specialized IT talent to your internal team, we’ll help you leverage the unique success factors for your organization. IT starts at people™.

MAAPPEN Cyber Security 30
MAAPPEN Project Services 10
MAAPPEN Business Analysis 10
MAAPPEN Web Design 10
MAAPPEN Training 30
MAAPPEN Staffing 30
MAAPPEN Careers 30

The Experience

It has been a fantastic experience working with MAAPPEN. They are very kind and easy to communicate with, and available when needed. Thanks for the great collaboration.

Interior Design Firm, Project Services

We cannot express how much your help is appreciated in dealing with the sudden ransomware attack. Your quick response and methodical planning avoided a most certain business outage, and positioned us better moving forward!

Global Transportation Manufacturer, Cyber Security Services

Thanks for all your hard work on our client’s move, even with all the project and schedule changes. We referred you to another client and look forward to working together again. All the best!

Commercial Architectural Firm, Project Services

Leading the formation of our technology committee provided immeasurable value and much needed structure to our organization. We always look forward to the monthly meetings and love seeing the accomplishment of our established objectives.

National Trade Organization, vCIO Services

The website came out exactly how we imagined it, and we didn’t have to give much input! We’re excited to begin adding new features to the site in the future!

Specialty Metals Fabricator, Web Design Services

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!

Engineering Firm, Project Services

We are delighted to work together. Thanks for everything you do!

Long Term Care Organization, vCIO Services

I love the lunch and learn sessions! I never leave without something I can immediately begin using!

Non Profit Organization, Training Services

You can tell MAAPPEN is a company of principles. The communication has been clear from the outset and they have always been willing to make clarifications and precise recommendations. It has been a fantastic experience working with them.

Creative Design Studio, vCIO Services

Ready for a transformation?